Beginners Guide To Use A String Trimmer Properly To Ensure Safety

When we buy a string trimmer, there are a few things that no online site or dealer tells us, the hazards and precautions of using a string trimmer. These trimmers are very dangerous in nature and there is a need to be very cautious when operating them.

1. Never turn the string trimmer on in the presence of children or pets
The string of these trimmers is almost invisible when on high revs and can penetrate the flesh of pets and children. Being very hazardous, you should never use the trimmer in presence of the children or pets.

2. Check for safety and power up the trimmer
Before turning on the string trimmer, make sure the head and the strings are tightly fixed. There is oil in the engine, the batteries are fully charged, these are different types of prestart-up inspections that we need to do for a smooth operations. When a new trimmer is delivered, it does not have gas. You need to fill in the gas. In an electric cordless version, you need to charge the batteries to full strength.

3. Make sure you are comfortable
The trimmers are designed to balance their weight on your whole body. So, make sure that you balance the weight of the trimmer along your body before operations. If you take the load on one arm or one shoulder, you will suffer a huge fatigue.

4. Check for right gap
When starting to trim, do not try to get a close shave. Spend some time with you trimmer, learn the pattern, behavior, operations, hazards, etc. Never try to get a close cut on the first few operations, your lawn might not have the best shave, but you will remain in the best shape. After a little time and experience over a few trimming sessions, start reducing the gap. Make sure the trimmer strings never touch the ground.

5. Be safe
You should wear protective boots, long pants and goggles to protect your body. These trimmers throw away a large number of projectiles that can damage and harm you. Be sure that you are well protected before starting the operations.

6. Avoid wire damages
Never step on the wire or move the trimmer near the power cord of your trimmer. A small cut in the cable might present a huge hazard to you and your family as the lawn is often wet. So, a small cut might create a huge danger to you and your family. You should also note that the wire should also not come in contact with sharp objects like nails, glass pieces, etc.

7. Care for Neighbors
You have to make sure that the throw of the string trimmer is in the direction of your property, the trimmer throws objects to a long range and if you operate the trimmer when it is throwing objects towards your neighbors, you might get in trouble when it picks up something sharp and pointy and injures them.

8. Care for Noise and Pollution
Choose busy periods of the day to do trim your lawn. Operating in the quiet early and late hours of the day might create tension with the neighbors. Some models make a loud noise and some throw away huge exhaust, it is recommended not to buy these models if you have sensitive neighbors.

Follow these simple guidelines while using string trimmer to ensure safety for you and your neighbors. Keep in mind, safety comes first. You should use these quality brands: Husqvarna, GreenWorks, Black & Decker, Tanaka, Hitachi and Toro

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